About Us

While working long hours, out on the road, away from his family, Robert Duncan was thinking of the needs of the local community. What did the community need? What could it support? How could a new service improve the lives of the residents? Where were the gaps? And how could he use his skills and expertise? With over 15 years of logistics experience working as a Delivery Driver, Partsman, Emergency Medical Technician, Conductor, and Trucker, Rob has set out to solve the issue of affordable transportation for rural residents. In particular seniors, using every tool in his toolbox.

Being a bit crazy, Rob, along with his wife Sue, decided to open East Central Express during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. With not many people going to bars or events this may have been the worst time in history to start a passenger transportation business. With no funding available from the government, East Central Express was relying completely on our customers to make it through those difficult times. (And we still are!) Every trip you take with us, helps us continue to deliver high quality transportation in the local area.

East Central Express is also one of the most cost effective operations in the entire province when compared to other passenger services. And we aim to keep it that way. We pass the savings on to our customers in an effort to make rural transportation affordable. We will continue to look at the issue, and find ways going forward to improve our system and hopefully drop prices further.

Due to the operational model our cabs are on the smaller side. We do this in an effort to increase fuel efficiency and be as environmentally responsible as possible. Our vehicles while small can still comfortably sit 3 passengers and the driver. Rob being 6’3” has no issues in any of the vehicles as the main driver for the company. We also have vans available for standby events, which may be more economical to run with bigger parties.

In closing, East Central Express is dedicated to high quality, low priced rural transportation for the residents of Lacombe and Stettler county. We hope to reduce the senior taxi rate dramatically going forward, in an effort to improve their quality of life. We will continue to deliver clean, non-smoking cabs with personable drivers. If you haven’t tried us yet, give us a call and experience the East Central difference.